About Us


At Return Fitness World, we host a myriad of fitness activities. The activities are designed after thorough research about your body constitution and metabolism. The activities are broadly divided into exercise based and diet based activities. We believe that fitness is not just weight-loss but is a journey that comprises of establishing a perfect balance of exercise and nutrition.


To achieve individual empowerment by delivering best fitness results through an improved lifestyle.


To motivate, guide and set an example for achieving fitness goals, together by creating a healthier and happier community around us.

Your result.. is what matters – the ultimate goal

For every individual factors such as Social, Psychological, Physiological & Emotional affect uniquely. We ensure that each factor is heard em-pathetically and addressed with proper counseling.

Our programs are designed keeping in mind the individual needs. We ensure your story is heard and create a customized WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PLAN to resolve it with utmost care.